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After spending a few years sharing some of my lessons and labs with other teachers through my TpT store, Generation Science, I realized that I wanted to do more than sell my work, but to also share my successes and failures as a science teacher. Additionally, I want to fully promote a commitment to the idea that science content matters, explicit instruction matters and deliberate practice matters. Laying a strong foundation in the physical, chemical and biological sciences is my primary professional job and my personal mission.

Unit Confusion SOLVED!

Many of my students struggle with solving basic physics formula, and most of all, in understanding which units go with the answer to the question being asked. Is this familiar to you… The question ask for “HOW LONG does it take for the skateboarder to roll 25 meters while moving at 2 m/s?”, and the … Continue reading Unit Confusion SOLVED!

3D Cell Models – Go beyond basic plant and animal

I wanted my 7th graders to make cell models this school year, but I didn’t want everyone just making the same thing so I searched the internet for a variety of labeled pictures so that the students could make a variety of cell types. Send me an email at generationscience3@gmail.com if you’d like more information … Continue reading 3D Cell Models – Go beyond basic plant and animal

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